Early Dark — A Friday Sonnet

In secret woods, tucked between business parks,The fireflies wake early for their eveningDance, which today begins at noon. The sparksOf yellow-green presaging the lightningWhich gathers above my deepening shade.And I contemplate the early leaving Which severe weather on my way has made–Storms of words which would make clocks deceiving,Calendars fly forward years in a score;ErasingContinue reading “Early Dark — A Friday Sonnet”

A Poem from Galatians Chapter 2 on Peter and Paul’s Feast Day

Today is the feast day of Peter and Paul on the Christian Calendar. I was thinking about their dialogue in Galatians 2 (as Paul tells it), and praying about how my own heart and mind has changed, and hasn’t. This Way of Jesus is a daily discipline. May we be so diligent as Peter andContinue reading “A Poem from Galatians Chapter 2 on Peter and Paul’s Feast Day”

Ambition With No Desire

Ambition With No DesireFor Sir Gibbie“Ambition is but the evil shadow of aspiration.” George MacDonald Ambition with no desire,Striving but never wanting,Getting without any receiving—Houses built on sand. And the sky is full with threatOf rain—of trembling sheets of rain. Master Mason, give meBetter materials for this home:Aspiration’s holy fire,Worthy work for worthy hands,My selfContinue reading “Ambition With No Desire”

At Least Two Kinds of Belonging

This book smells like someone else’s house,Has an inscription written to someone else,Notes scrawled in the pages, Which are hard to decipher.But the book is mine now It’s for meIn a second way. It was pillowcases at my sleepoversThat first made me feel this– This other kindOf belonging,Not the one I was born with–One IContinue reading “At Least Two Kinds of Belonging”

Belonging to Squirrels — A Friday Sonnet

The day I learned the roaming range of squirrelsMy life grew large with neighbors small and gray,Who know as no one else I know each burlAnd branch that grows a few miles from their dray.Said dray these made inside a hole in frontOf my brick house. Right here in my yard’s tree,Whose name I doContinue reading “Belonging to Squirrels — A Friday Sonnet”

Listen Now with Love

A man closed eyes around the sound that sungDownstairs to an untidy living room;And knew just then, with his heartstrings unstrung,That one day too soon he would need to exhumeThis memory. And one single-note thread,Sung by grief and joy, would surface this song:The chattering roar of going to bed;Two boys, giddy with sleep, playing strong.Continue reading “Listen Now with Love”

Moonrise on the Michigan Dune: A Friday Sonnet

Two weeks ago, on my last Sunday with Circle of Hope as pastor, the congregation organized some time for storytelling and blessing to send my family off with love. Thanks to Rob Lairmore, especially, for organizing. Dani Vazquez told a story about our time together at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in July ofContinue reading “Moonrise on the Michigan Dune: A Friday Sonnet”

Light Comes Late: A Friday Poem

January is a great time for sunrise observation. Here’s a reflection after another beauty today. Light Comes Lateby Ben White Light comes lateThrough impossible branchesOf lake lining,Horizon heavingCanopy Naked in winter.Jagged shapesAnd unimaginable lines,Stranger than you could thinkTo design Scrawled against the sky.Back-lit byGray-blue brighteningToward orangeOr maybe pink – You never know by now.Dawn comesInContinue reading “Light Comes Late: A Friday Poem”

Lost and Found Resurrection – A Sonnet

I was dumbstruck when I discovered the little resurrection pendant I had lost at least a year earlier in the parking lot of Circle of Hope’s building in South Jersey. I had lost it and looked everywhere in my house but never even began to look elsewhere. Yet, there it was right next to whereContinue reading “Lost and Found Resurrection – A Sonnet”

An Old Sonnet: Facing the Eternal Word

I’m working on a few new poems that are just not quite ready. So here’s an older post that with a poem that came to mind this week. I thought I would share it again. My Co-Authors: The Mother Delaware, C.S. Lewis, Joy Davidman, and the Apostles John and Paul This morning I was sittingContinue reading “An Old Sonnet: Facing the Eternal Word”

Loosestrife: A Sunday Sonnet

Loosestrife for Oliver (“peacemaker”), Theodore (“Gift of God”) and Lysimachus (Not the warrior of Third Century Thrace but the proto-botanist physician of minor Fifth Century renown and the first Western identifier of the lythrum salicaria plant commonly known in English as Loosestrife) An etymological blunder brought This blood beknighted flow’r upon my banks Lysimachus who foundContinue reading “Loosestrife: A Sunday Sonnet”

The Holy Spirit Helped Me Write This Poem

When something wonderful happens I often write it down so I can remember to write a poem about it. I love writing poetry. I draw my inspiration from those epiphanies that happen often enough in a life lived with open eyes. “Open eyelids and open hearts” I should say. Because sometimes what you see isContinue reading “The Holy Spirit Helped Me Write This Poem”

Tear/Tear, Seem/Seam, Knew/New

On shrinking cloth The heat of a warm water washing or heated tumble dry or, in the image of today’s poem, a flap out on the sunny line, the stretched out fibers of an unshrunken cloth relax. The individual patch of cloth becomes stronger. The individual fibers become relaxed in the heat. That sounds niceContinue reading “Tear/Tear, Seem/Seam, Knew/New”