Dan McGowan is a Good Bet

Dan Guitar Outside

Dan McGowan begins on Monday as our New Meetings Launch Coordinator.

We created a position to help us make this daring transition from one meeting to two.  In August we will move our existing 5pm meeting to 10:30am and start a new meeting at 5pm. Today, the Leadership Team Core approved the position. We are taking a risk because we think two meetings will help more folks get to our Sunday meetings at 3800 Marlton Pike in Pennsauken.  But we don’t have the people right now to pull it all off with only volunteers, especially when the meetings are separated by 5 hours. So Dan will help us do it. We’ve never done anything like this before.  It’s not guaranteed to work, but I think Dan McGowan is a good bet.

We need more opportunities for people to connect

God is doing great stuff in our community. People are finding healing and hope in our cells. We create unique opportunities every Sunday to grow and connect with God and each other. Pray with me that that an extra meeting in the morning means more people connecting to us and to Jesus. Even if you’re not so sure about Jesus, you might like to see what Dan and his team have to offer. It’s better than what you may have experienced before and more accessible than you may have imagined.

Dan’s Unreleased Worship EP

Dan is a gifted musician and he is passionate about Jesus’ work in Circle of Hope. Let this little “EP” of his worship song demos speak to his ability, faith and leadership (all of these songs were work shopped with other members of Circle of Hope design teams).


  • “Even if I Fall,” reflecting on Peter’s water walk in Matthew 14 and ours.
  • “The New Old Song,” a reinterpretation of the classic hymn, Be still my Soul.
  • “Then a Wildfire Grew,” a perfect Pentecost anthem.
  • “Resist Our Selves,” a Lenten lullaby.

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