A Poem for New Creation

Kainos Ktisis
(for Francis Quarles)


A fourth dimension that’s more than math,
And more than hypothetically true,
New Creation makes a walkable path
Through actual me and actual you,
Here and now revealed by an ancient holy one who
Let old things go and look! — everything has become new.

A feeling on the edge of what is known,
And always approximated by our speech;
There’s a light that’s glimmered more than shone
From sources just beyond our eyesight’s reach;
Another spectrum’s waves that Jesus takes us through–
The unnamed purple-black of death it took to make us new.

But somehow death did not prevail at all,
For the pale rays of that third day’s dawn
Saw colors once again beyond our awe,
Across the truest living human canvass drawn;
God painted beyond life and light for all on earth, not few;
When that living body shook the tomb to birth the new.

So with the urge to name your life with words
Or colors you can’t discern just yet,
Be ready with your joy for, no matter costs incurred,
The arrival of as good as it must get
Is not a foolish dream that won’t come true–
Old things have gone. Look! — everything has become new.

Listen to me read it here


We’re studying 2 Corinthians 5 in Circle of Hope’s Sunday meetings. This is my inspiration for the week. Join us at 10:30 am in South Jersey (3800 Marlton Pike, Pennsauken NJ 08110), or 5 pm in our three Philly locations.  Fishtown and South Philly have 7 pm meetings too.  More at circleofhope.net/locations

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