How Does a Christian Celebrate Memorial Day?

During the Covid 19 pandemic should we hit the boardwalk or stay at home? Are the CDC and the government our only authorities? What does Jesus say? And in any Memorial Day, how do we relate to those who died in war and their families while also resolving to decry the existence of war? Jesus makes our purpose more clear when it comes to war than when it comes to the pandemic, but it all requires resolve and dialogue — and above all, LOVE.


4 responses to “How Does a Christian Celebrate Memorial Day?”

  1. Thank you brother. We need to patiently discern how to go back with a new sense of our interconnectedness. Restoring love of neighbor with a more regulated nervous system is easier for me than when I’m chronically stressed. Taking violence out of the equation on a personal level is possible– praise Him. I love that this quarantine showed us how the planet is healing. SInce we are one with Her, I do believe we will see greater evidence of peace. Jesus is Lord and we are blessed to be free in Him to love well and generously.


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