The Sudden Silences

Here is some inspiration for you as you relish the quiet this weekend. I hope you have some.

The Sudden Silences 

The moment when the starlings start to fly 
A sudden hush fills ears to empty brims, 
As trees spill noisy swarms into the sky, 
Now silenced by their million-feathered wind. 

The moment when you surface from the wave– 
Quick roar and dive replaced by quiet now, 
This loud emergence from the barrel’s cave, 
When soundless voice of awe suggests I bow. 

The moment when the fading ember tone 
Of singing bowl’s long resonance goes out, 
And I am left with silent thoughts alone 
To snuff so I can hear the Silence shout. 

These moments come to mind and ear, thank God, 
To aid my aim to trust Thy staff and rod. 

You can listen to me read it here

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