Maundy Thursday Poem

Holy Week Sonnet Number 5

from Jesus, to you and me

“I have desired this moment eagerly,
And here, at last, we are together, friends.
Please share my table; please come eat with me;
It is the last of our beginning’s end,
Until it’s finished I will not partake
Of food, or drink, or any comfort’s kind.
My ends lie far beyond what fills or slakes;
My purpose for this body, heart and mind
Is on the other side of human being.
I, too, shall be an empty cup and plate,
And yet, my poured-out, famished, vanished seeing
Will nurture in you more of glory’s weight.
I’ll fill you far above your love-cup’s brim,
And much more than five thousand up again.”

You can listen to me read it here

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