A Poem from Galatians Chapter 2 on Peter and Paul’s Feast Day

Today is the feast day of Peter and Paul on the Christian Calendar. I was thinking about their dialogue in Galatians 2 (as Paul tells it), and praying about how my own heart and mind has changed, and hasn’t. This Way of Jesus is a daily discipline. May we be so diligent as Peter and Paul in following, especially when we fail. These beautiful men who suffered and sinned were used by Jesus for great ends. I am forever grateful for the Church they made and the hope it eventually brought to me.

How I Easily Forget

for Peter and Paul on their Feast Day, June 29, 2022

Who were those men whom Peter heeded when
They came from James? And how did Peter run
From grace and stray right into lies again?
And how did Paul so clearly see how unspun
God’s love was made at tables bound by law?

In how they’d changed and not my questions find
Their grist. And in the grinding Peter saw,
I think, that he’d forgot he’d changed his mind.

There’s hope in this, for I have noticed, too,
How easy lies I used to never doubt
Return; and how my credence will undo
The steps my heart has made. What was can shout
Above what’s now, because familiar fears
Just fit so nicely in my lie-turned ears.

You can listen to me read it here

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