Earth and Sky Making Love Between My Head and Heart

Aggrilacious odor

(Greek and Latin concur)

Of earth-goddess veins;

“Petrichor” numbered and named by Joy

(Isabel, “pledged to Yah”),

With Homer riding high

(Homer, also “pledge”),

Receiving tribute

From Richard’s study wall

(rīk-hardu, “king strong”).


The lengths we have gone

To know and name all we know;

To reign like so many Richards

Over every mystery.

Even this ambrosial



The sun baked day

Broken by earth kissing sky,

Oozing assayable fruit,

Sweet and rare enough

To be constantly recognized,

Yet never remembered by name.

Also Geosmin:

Aerosolized product

Of microscopic death,

An irregular sesquiterpene–

Words and worlds without end

(Ad olam, ad olam)


Many modes of wonder

Which also have names:

Phenomenological first,

But marvelously


Philological as well,

And other word-loving wisdoms.

Gathered in what could be teracidal

(téras – “a miraculous wonder”)



Sterilizing clayey surfaces

(Yes, clayey’s a word)
                (And that’s how its spelled)

As the sun tries to do

On these scorching days at a stretch;


But only a few drops of rain

Foil wonder’s foe,

For few drops enter dry earth

At speeds more conducive

To softening,


Conjugally conjuring

Golden juice from the rock,

Osmosing microcosmic


And waking joy from her inches-deep



You can listen to me read it here

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