No Need to Be Jacob Marley

No Need to Be Jacob Marley  
for Joel 

There is no need for me to be Jacob 
Marley, no shaking of chains in the night, 
No cold wandering moon to partake of, 
No threats to spit nor fatal portent cite. 

Because the ghost they have made is much worse 
Than I could be in my outpour of wrath. 
No, I need blessing to spill on this curse; 
Some righteous words for Your name on this path. 

Though waters be quiet, Blake’s poison tree  
Yet grows in the light of my smile. The lies 
From those roots grow my own death inside me, 
And life is not bright when seen through ghost eyes.  

But chains keep on ringing, ringing, repeat, 
Ebenezer lost without Cratchit to seat. 

You can listen to me read it here

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