Walking on the Beach

Thinking about feet and Matthew 7:24-27 on Maundy Thursday

Walking on the Beach

Desiccation ready here,
Crumbling sand crunches,
Despite the wet sea breeze.

Lumpy waves of wind-made mounds
To plod through
As I seek the ocean’s prize;
Not quite dunes
But dune-like
On a smaller scale.

Near my home,
The Jersey Shore
Is streaked with darker sand,
Stirred through
With bits of shells;

This is a place to skip across,
Or better,
Not to forget your sandals.

Here, on this crusty swath,
Where only sun-worshipping lunatics
Set up shop to spend their day,
I ask if there is
More below;

Could I dig
Down-deep enough
For my hole to fall apart?
Is there water
Underneath me here?

I believe the ocean
Might seep
This far.

And then I wonder
How anything
stands at all.

You can listen to me read it here

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