What I Know: A sonnet with the Marquis of Lossie

If you know me, you know I love George MacDonald. I write down quotes as I read through his works. I haven’t read them all yet, but I’m getting closer! This quote felt like it was close to a found poem all by itself, but it evolved into a sonnet below.

“Does he not demand of me action according to what I know, not what I may chance at any moment to feel? God is my strength, and I will lay hold of that strength and use it, or I have none.”

— George MacDonald in his novel The Marquis of Lossie

What I Know

Demanding action not from what I may
At any moment feel, God only asks
Me what I know. The best and only way
To learn again I know is to do the tasks
Received in footprints pressed on my
Unbroken heart, intact despite
The many ways my ways have gone awry;
Still whole, although it’s beating might grow slight,
Still growing even if I long ago
Completed what we all call growing up.
Might He yet have for me some room to grow?
Might I show strength enough by showing up?
I might say yes however grim it be
if I but trust in what of Him’s in me.

You can listen to me read it here:

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