How I Met George MacDonald

I will forever remember 2019 as the year I fell in love with George MacDonald. I stumbled on a recording of The Elect Lady on my podcast app. I knew who George MacDonald was, but I did not really begin to know him until I met Andrew Ingram. This brilliant, rebellious, faithful, simple, obedient characterContinue reading “How I Met George MacDonald”

I Like Listening to James Cone

I just began reading The Cross and the Lynching Tree by James Cone and I am instantly amazed by the comprehensive description of the pervasive and pernicious power of the lynching tree in American History. I love Cone’s lyricism, and his love for the blues as a means of painting that terrible picture — howContinue reading “I Like Listening to James Cone”

Beach Reading: Good Christian Fiction

Summer is for many of us a time to unplug and relax. Tons of people love a good beach read. But let’s be honest,┬ámost of us aren’t reading several different books at a time. We’re reading one book at a time and it might take us a while to get though it. There are waysContinue reading “Beach Reading: Good Christian Fiction”