I Guess It Was the Spirit

“Why did you talk to me?” Ty asked my friend Tre over text later that afternoon. Tre answered, “We prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide us and that’s what happened.” Well, Tre, that’s not exactly what it felt like.  But why wouldn’t it be true? What does my feeling have to do with theContinue reading “I Guess It Was the Spirit”

A Paean to “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” on Netflix

They Cancelled This Show in 2015 …but I Just Found Out When NBC cancelled A.D. The Bible Continues, I had no idea it was a thing, but now, three years later, I’m heartbroken. Now I have watched all 12 episodes of A.D. Kingdom and Empire (it got renamed for it’s Netflix Release) and I amContinue reading “A Paean to “A.D. Kingdom and Empire” on Netflix”