Top 5 Posts of 2019 on “Today, if You Hear My Voice”

Dear Readers, The year, of course, is winding down so let’s look back on the past twelve months of “Today, if you hear my voice:” I named my blog after Hebrews 3 in which the author meditates on the necessity to tend our hearts to keep them soft. It seems that hearts harden so quickly.Continue reading “Top 5 Posts of 2019 on “Today, if You Hear My Voice””

Bible Verse for When I’m Feeling Down?

Many people turn to the Bible when they don’t know where else to turn. Even my friends who haven’t been to a church meeting in years, or maybe ever, often revere the power of this holy book. That’s one benefit of living in a culturally Christian country. The Bible is everywhere, and that’s not suchContinue reading “Bible Verse for When I’m Feeling Down?”