Board Games: A Doorway to an Inner Life

Going Deeper This post is mostly for the external processors and the extroverts, I think. But I would love it if it has some purchase for other kinds of folks too. We need to have an inner life to be fully ourselves, and there are all kinds of ways to skip across the surface ofContinue reading “Board Games: A Doorway to an Inner Life”

Saving our Imaginations from Fortnite

I am readingĀ A Wrinkle in TimeĀ to my son, Oliver, who is 7 years old. One of my goals is to teach him to use and develop his imagination. I actually stop as we’re reading to encourage him to be still and actively imagine what he’s hearing. It’s hard for him to not fidget with somethingContinue reading “Saving our Imaginations from Fortnite”