Caring About Climate Catastrophe, Like a Chump

Paper or Plastic? I walked¬† into my local coffee roaster on Earth Day and discovered that they had switched their bean packaging from paper to plastic. I know and love these people so I did not hold back my protest with the barista who rang me up.¬† “Yo, tell the owner [name redacted because thisContinue reading “Caring About Climate Catastrophe, Like a Chump”

A Shirtless Dancing Guy for Your Joy

Min 0:00 Just a shirtless dancing guy In 2009, on Memorial Day Weekend, there was a music festival in the town of George in the state of Washington. And at this “Sasquatch Festival” a shirtless man started dancing. But his dance solo became an irresistible dance party in a matter of minutes and some blessedContinue reading “A Shirtless Dancing Guy for Your Joy”

We Know More Than We Comprehend

I was on retreat trying not to question my instincts too much, because retreats are basically practice for listening to the Spirit and your instincts and the Spirit often sound the same. Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem “As Kingfishers Catch Fire” came to mind. I’m a big Gerard Manley Hopkins fan and there are kingfishers onContinue reading “We Know More Than We Comprehend”

There is Beauty We Don’t See

Sunday night turned was poetry night at Circle of Hope’s 7pm meeting on Marlton Pike in Pennsauken. Joyce Fazio and a team led us to consider how poetry can tap us into a deeper connection with ourselves and reality. Words! “Words are a super power,” Scott Sorrentino said. Jesus, in John 1 is named theContinue reading “There is Beauty We Don’t See”