Turning to Before and Behind — A Friday Sonnet

There was power in the walking and the making. Maintaining the physical space added a concreteness to my prayer. This is the main feature of walking a labyrinth in the first place, but it was even batter to make the way for future me and future loved ones to walk it, even the grandchildren of the labyrinth (my children) who mostly miss what I am doing as I journey to the center. One day, I pray they know the power that can be met person to person using this walking tool along with many others. Until that day, and for that future, and toward it in me and them, I’ll walk it every time I’m here.

Holy Mischief at Philadelphia University

It’s the first week of school! Everyone’s got their new sneakers on and they’re trying to figure out where they fit in at a lot of the university campuses. I’m hoping that some of them will fit in with us at Circle of Hope so I went to University of the Sciences and Philadelphia UniversityContinue reading “Holy Mischief at Philadelphia University”