An Old Sonnet: Facing the Eternal Word

I’m working on a few new poems that are just not quite ready. So here’s an older post that with a poem that came to mind this week. I thought I would share it again. My Co-Authors: The Mother Delaware, C.S. Lewis, Joy Davidman, and the Apostles John and Paul This morning I was sittingContinue reading “An Old Sonnet: Facing the Eternal Word”

A Friday Poem (and an endorsement for the Comfort Retreat)

Some context I wrote this poem at the Comfort Retreat last year. We spent a good part of the day groping inthe spiritual dark for something to hold on to. We found it in each others hands and our own hearts. we found it in shared songs and stories. We found it in showing theContinue reading “A Friday Poem (and an endorsement for the Comfort Retreat)”

A New Sonnet: Facing the Eternal Word

Channeling Something True I’m slowly memorizing 1 John 3. Some scholars doubt that the same person who wrote the Gospel of John also wrote the letter of 1 John. They cite Greek grammar differences for this assertion. Pseudopigraphy is the fancy word for false attribution in ancient texts. It was not uncommon in ancient communities.Continue reading “A New Sonnet: Facing the Eternal Word”