Acoustic Body

Delicate hairs
of my ear lobes
Quiver gladly
with bulb whispers
Breaking blindly
from beneath the ground.

Closing ‘round
Mourning dove’s minor third
bring blood’s brightness
to the harmonious hum
of all eyes see.

Shivering with water’s
Ripple trill, those
Dazzled bones
Embraced and embracing
What peaks must tell.

Syncing with each
Bore hole beat;
the flickers are making
Their signature
and singing this feast.

Rough skin
of my elbows
Shushing sotto voce
Below the young leaf
Bravissimo of windy,
Green-blue brilliance.

Heart chambers’
Startling arrythmia;
Suddenly a skip along
the peripheral,
a squirrel-play

Palm creases
Filling from fine trickle
Up to puddles
of grackle staccato;
Trees brimming to bursting,
a flooding tremolo.

Hip joints
Popping — from crouch
Back up to standing
Indistinguishable from
the sound the sun makes
When it starts this song.

Chest and spine
Pierced through by
Rare eagle altissimo;
Her screeching
Expands the scene’s

Listening loudly,
This body beams with
Spring’s morning music,
Each day’s resonance
Requires nothing,
Returns everything.

You can listen to me read it here

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