Deuteronomic: A Christian Poet’s Manifesto

after Deuteronomy 4:9

Take care to watch yourself closely so as 
Not to forget the things your eyes have seen, 
Your ears have heard, the things your heart’s heart has 
Received and interwoven in your being. 

You must remember daily, or you run 
The risk of losing more than what you’ve known. 

Unknwoing runs to eyes and ears undone; 
And hearts will shine but only if they’re shown. 

So tell your children, tell your neighbor all; 
Record it in a journal, read it back  
Again; write it down in poems, and call 
For melodies to help defend attack 
From those who seek to steal the love in you. 

Choose trust; you have enough; go make what’s new. 

You can listen to me read it here

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