Spring Freeze

This is more of a late March poem, but it fit the brisk morning today where I live. It speaks to an inner frigidity that needs constant warming. It’s a cold world, but I hope you can receive with me some warmth if and when you need it.

Spring Freeze

My birds have all abandoned dawn today
In search of warmth, I gather, somewhere near,
But not right here to join me as I pray.
Spring’s song so hushed by winter’s parting jeer,
A final icy blast rebounds behind
The equinox. It chokes the infant throats
Of flowers, numbs the waking heart and mind
Of morning prayers, making many notes.
Unheard, unknown, and now forgotten well.
For who could laugh without warm hearts to touch?
And who could sing without the birds to tell?
Not me, unless this moment changes much.
And look! It does! For when dawn’s painting skies
She swiftly wakens longed-for friendly cries.

You can listen to me read it here

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