What if online church sucks?

This is objectively not the same What if online church sucks? I don’t think there is any question that this sucks. I know, I probably shouldn’t say “sucks”, but if you just want to suck your teeth at the prospect of your next zoom cell meeting, or live stream Sunday meeting, trust me; you areContinue reading “What if online church sucks?”

The je ne sais quoi of following Jesus (and Tyra Banks)

You won’t be able to think your way into relationship, you will have to DO your way into it. Which is already true for many of the things we value. To know the je ne sais quoi of following Jesus, you might be tempted to start with “What is it?” But I suggest you begin with “What can I do now?”

Jesus will make you a good driving instructor

I’m not a very good driver. This is mostly because I’m easily distracted. Birds, clouds, interesting people, and burritos are numbers 1-4 on my list of most frequent causes for close calls. I am, however, a really good driving instructor. And since it sounds like I’m tooting my own horn, I better quickly say that it’sContinue reading “Jesus will make you a good driving instructor”

Learning to Be a Team

A revolutionary gathering Last night the cell leaders gathered at our location in North Philly to be the team. They are drawn together from across the region—many neighborhoods, many backgrounds, many (2) states. In a world as divided and lonely as ours the work of our cell leaders is revolutionary. A cell is a circleContinue reading “Learning to Be a Team”

Let’s actually DO something

When my new cell started my apprentice, Pat, was adamant that our cell be about actually doing stuff and not just talking about stuff. Pat is like my canary in the coal mine for toxic church fumes. He’s seen it all and still has to intentionally work to let his instinctual defenses down to moveContinue reading “Let’s actually DO something”