Knowing the Good

South Jersey Mutual Aid in Pennsauken’s 1000th delivery celebration When the South Jersey Mutual Aid in Pennsauken Compassion Team gathered to celebrate their 1000th delivery last week I led them in a ritual of naming the Good. Of course we know the work we are doing is good. We organized with the wider South JerseyContinue reading “Knowing the Good”


ALL CAPS! SHARING OUR RESOURCES BRINGS FREEDOM AND UNLEASHES POWER!!! I’m excited to FEEL how true this is once again after spending 90 minutes with my Circle of Hope partners last night at a Gifts for Growing event I organized with Jane and Scott Clinton. We had a simple plan: make a space where itContinue reading “SHARING OUR RESOURCES BRINGS FREEDOM AND UNLEASHES POWER!”

Learning to Be a Team

A revolutionary gathering Last night the cell leaders gathered at our location in North Philly to be the team. They are drawn together from across the region—many neighborhoods, many backgrounds, many (2) states. In a world as divided and lonely as ours the work of our cell leaders is revolutionary. A cell is a circleContinue reading “Learning to Be a Team”

Elephants can swim and other surprises

Yeah, elephants can swim. Who knew right? Maybe you did, but I didn’t. It’s incredible that this 4 ton creature is even buoyant, but it’s true. Some scientists believe that long ago elephants may have swam the 40 miles from the Indian mainland to Sri Lanka. I think this is crazy! What would possess anContinue reading “Elephants can swim and other surprises”

What did you say about sex?

“How we relate sexually is a spiritual, communal matter and can’t be reduced to a discussion of private expression or individual rights.” I used this proverb from Circle of Hope’s collection in my talk at our Sunday meeting as an example of the type of unity and vulnerability to which we aspire. I was saying, whoa,Continue reading “What did you say about sex?”

Dialogue keeps us connected and protects our gravity

This weekend I went to the meeting of the Atlantic Conference of the Brethren in Christ (the denomination of which Circle of Hope is a part) and I was reminded of how strange and beautiful the people called Circle of Hope really are.  I live in a trust system and I regularly have dialogue thatContinue reading “Dialogue keeps us connected and protects our gravity”