Making a splash in my neighborhood (You can too!)

Putting Circle of Hope on the Map in OUR Neighborhoods This month, Circle of Hope sponsored the West Collingswood Extension Civic Association newsletter. That’s my neighborhood. It’s a wonderful, weird little slice of South Jersey. It is part of Haddon Township, but separated from the largest chunk of this patchwork township by Collingswood. AND myContinue reading “Making a splash in my neighborhood (You can too!)”

Knowing the Good

South Jersey Mutual Aid in Pennsauken’s 1000th delivery celebration When the South Jersey Mutual Aid in Pennsauken Compassion Team gathered to celebrate their 1000th delivery last week I led them in a ritual of naming the Good. Of course we know the work we are doing is good. We organized with the wider South JerseyContinue reading “Knowing the Good”

Laughable Abundance: A Story for Your Buoyancy

Dear Friend, Times are tough, right? Sorry, I don’t know how to say anything that doesn’t sound inadequate so I’ll leave that question there. I have a story that really helped me float through a day that started chin deep in the toughness of the times. Spoilers: nothing changes in the times, those of theContinue reading “Laughable Abundance: A Story for Your Buoyancy”

“West Pennsauken South” is the best

I’m a transplant to South Jersey so I look at maps often. (Or maybe I just like maps) This means I might know the contours and boundary lines of all our municipalities more than many native South jersey folks. All the towns seem to blend together as you drive up or down Rt. 130 orContinue reading ““West Pennsauken South” is the best”

They Called the Cops on Me

They Called the Cops on Me I was putting door hanger flyers on doorknobs in the Bloomfield section of Pennsauken this morning. The streets were pretty deserted. At 9:30 am most people had already left for work. A few retirees were giving their spring lawns their first mow. And I was walking the relatively sprawlingContinue reading “They Called the Cops on Me”

How, Oh How Can We Be New?

Dan and I spent two hours Tuesday morning walking around our Pennsauken neighborhood hanging flyers on our neighbor’s door knobs. We wanted them to know that we’re trying to do something new by starting two new Sunday meetings, one at 10:30 a.m. and one at 7:00 p.m. Afterward I marked out the area we hadContinue reading “How, Oh How Can We Be New?”

Helping kids find their voice with Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss was a prophet. The Lorax is a creation care manifesto, The Butter Battle Book is a telling allegory of the cold war, The Sneetches is about racism, Horton Hatches an Egg tells the story of a nonviolent sit in. I love Dr. Seuss. So I jumped at the chance to participate in aContinue reading “Helping kids find their voice with Dr. Seuss”

What are we known for? What is Jesus known for?

At a job I had many years ago I discovered at some point that I was known as “that crazy christian guy.” The person delivering this news to me was not trying to hurt me so I wasn’t offended but I did consider being offended. I didn’t like being called “crazy” and I didn’t likeContinue reading “What are we known for? What is Jesus known for?”

Being There- Why you have to show up

I was lying on my couch reading Game of Thrones on Monday afternoon when I heard the megaphone start blaring. “Oh yeah, it’s the protest. We’re shutting down Woodland Ave!” I grabbed Oliver, my 2 year old son, and we ran down the street to join the crowd. We were blocking Woodland Ave. to sendContinue reading “Being There- Why you have to show up”

Divided Diversity Defied

Last time I went to Sacks Playground I think it was my friend Zack’s 8th birthday party (but that was only a couple of years ago). A woman I talked to at this playground on Monday hadn’t been there in a while either. Our similarly aged boys were playing with each other so we wereContinue reading “Divided Diversity Defied”