Peacemakers Observing Veteran’s Day

My friend from the Jesus Collective, Keith Smith, shared this today on Facebook: “In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” Praying for shalom in our veterans and in our world. That’s pretty much it, I think. How do Peacemakers who follow Jesus observe Veteran’s day? Praying for shalom in our veterans  and in our world.Continue reading “Peacemakers Observing Veteran’s Day”

A Christian Pledge of Allegiance

  I wrote this prayer for our Sunday meetings. I started with this image I found around Memorial Day and kept going from there. It helps me put the holiday in perspective. I’ll be raising money for my local civic association and watching fireworks (my favorite fourth of July activities), but I will not beContinue reading “A Christian Pledge of Allegiance”

I won’t agree to disagree with you

I won’t agree to disagree with you. I will not codify our division. I am not my thoughts and opinions and neither are you. So though we are currently disagreeing about any number of things, I will not agree to it. I will not content myself with that separation, especially if you are a partContinue reading “I won’t agree to disagree with you”

What if your opinion doesn’t matter that much?

What if Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter That Much? The Circle of Hope Pastors were wondering about this question indirectly on the most recent episode of their videocast, “Someone Asked.” What if your opinion doesn’t matter that much? Or, maybe, what if your opinion shouldn’t matter as much as it does. My opinions matter to meContinue reading “What if your opinion doesn’t matter that much?”

The Drums of War Beat Me into the Bible

When I was a freshman in college, terrorists high-jacked planes and flew them into The World Trade Center buildings in New York City. I was newly baptized and thus minted a new man, and newly immersed in the Christian subculture at Eastern University in St. David’s, PA. I was dismayed by my classmates response toContinue reading “The Drums of War Beat Me into the Bible”

I Got Kicked off of Camden County College’s Campus Today

Yep, you heard that right. I got kicked off of Camden County College’s Blackwood Campus today for hanging out with students who I met while holding a sign that said “Tell Me your Story.” The head of security asked me to leave because I was not an authorized guest. I asked him how I could beContinue reading “I Got Kicked off of Camden County College’s Campus Today”

Love them? I don’t even have to acknowledge the existence of my enemies

I’m a pastor in South Jersey so, naturally, I go to Taco Bell a lot. It’s an “all things to all people sort of thing”…and a serious love of cheesy bean and rice burritos. Not long ago I was hanging out a Taco Bell in Mt. Ephraim, NJ, and I had my missionary thinking capContinue reading “Love them? I don’t even have to acknowledge the existence of my enemies”

You Have Enough – And Other Unpatriotic Sentiments

I recently learned that the location of our sharing garden in front of Circle of Hope at 3800 Marlton Pike in Pennsauken, NJ is where a war memorial once stood. In front of the fire house the patriotic firemen had installed a plaque to honor the war dead for the sacrifice on the altar ofContinue reading “You Have Enough – And Other Unpatriotic Sentiments”

It’s Dr. King’s Birthday- Man, do I wish they hadn’t murdered him

My old pal, John Francis, got it so right when he wrote this song “Kill the Dreamer” back in 2007. “Oh, say can you see things are not as they seem from sea to shining sea Dr. King, Dr. King I know you’re listening. they can kill the dreamer but they cannot kill the dream there wasContinue reading “It’s Dr. King’s Birthday- Man, do I wish they hadn’t murdered him”

What sort of self do you have?

A Balkan born theologian and philosopher, Miroslav Volf, knows how to write a cogent argument!  I’ve copied a rather lengthy quote because it just had to be shared and I think it speaks to our work of inclusion as a community on mission. “Through faith and baptism the self has been re-made in the imageContinue reading “What sort of self do you have?”

What are we known for? What is Jesus known for?

At a job I had many years ago I discovered at some point that I was known as “that crazy christian guy.” The person delivering this news to me was not trying to hurt me so I wasn’t offended but I did consider being offended. I didn’t like being called “crazy” and I didn’t likeContinue reading “What are we known for? What is Jesus known for?”