How Will We Love Through the Election?

“Unreliable Allies” Karl Barth, a German Theologian who helped organize the Confessing Church in opposition to the Nazi regime, once said that the church ought to be an “unreliable ally” to any and every political system. That is to say that our primary allegiance to Jesus and his kingdom will often come into tension withContinue reading “How Will We Love Through the Election?”

How do Christians work? Is that even a thing anymore?

This blog post was co-written by Ben White and Jonny Rashid after our church hosted a meeting for theological thinkers and seminarians on developing a theology of work. The problem of work in the 21st Century United States France has a law that prohibits an employer from Emailing her employees after hours. They are enforcingContinue reading “How do Christians work? Is that even a thing anymore?”

What sort of self do you have?

A Balkan born theologian and philosopher, Miroslav Volf, knows how to write a cogent argument!  I’ve copied a rather lengthy quote because it just had to be shared and I think it speaks to our work of inclusion as a community on mission. “Through faith and baptism the self has been re-made in the imageContinue reading “What sort of self do you have?”