I won’t agree to disagree with you

I won’t agree to disagree with you. I will not codify our division. I am not my thoughts and opinions and neither are you. So though we are currently disagreeing about any number of things, I will not agree to it. I will not content myself with that separation, especially if you are a partContinue reading “I won’t agree to disagree with you”

How to stay married (at least how John and Sherry did)

On Sunday, July 15th, John and Sherry Londres were interviewed at our evening meeting at 3800 Marlton Pike. The title of the interview was “How to stay married for 33 years” but John objected to the title, wisely. “This is what worked for us but I don’t know if it will work for anyone else.Continue reading “How to stay married (at least how John and Sherry did)”

Jesus Won the Super Bowl

Today, an estimated 4 million people are descending on South Philadelphia and Center City because THE E-A-G-L-E-S ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!!! (…too much?) Okay it is, but I don’t want the moment and all its incredible communal feels to pass without Jesus getting his due. At a big moment in theirContinue reading “Jesus Won the Super Bowl”